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Combo pack for Acne prone Skin



  • Vegan Gel Cleanser
  • Vegan AHA Exfoliant
  • Vegan BHA Acne Spot Cream 
  • Vegan Calming Lotion

Make today a new start in your skin routine. Decide to have healthy clear skin. This pack is all that you need to start on your road to your skin recovery. You will get the gel cleanser to wash away impurities, glycolic and salicylic acid to help clear the acne, and calming lotion to sooth the skin.


Ingredients – please refer to individual products for full ingredient listing

Directions: Wash your face with a gel cleanser, apply AHA exfoliant to wet skin and massage your face gently with your fingers one minute or longer, leave it on for five more minutes, wash it off water. Dry your face with a towel and apply calming lotion. Let it dry. Apply a small amount of acne spot cream to the affected area.

You can also try to find your own perfect routine.